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“Another series of yours I can’t wait to read.”

~ Helen

“So excited about your new series. I love your books, creativity, stories and writing style. My only disappointment is that they don’t come out until July. My husband is having surgery on June 14th and I’d love to have your books to read during our stay to pass the time. Thank you for sharing your talent with us readers.”

~ Bonita

“I can’t wait for the FOREVER series!”

~ Pauline

“I love your new website. Looking forward to your new FOREVER books.”

~ Lori

“As you know I have read several of your books and loved them, and I told you that I really loved your characters (even if I do think that all of the men in the stories that I have read need a good knock up beside the head). I am looking forward to these new books [the FOREVER series] and reading about this new crop of Heroes and heroines that you have coming. You know that I will tell you honestly about how I feel about the books and the characters after I read them. I look forward to reading these books.”

~ Susan

“All of your books are fab!”

~ Tara

“I can’t wait for the FOREVER series. Love your books!”

~ Daudey

“Your new website looks fantastic! I haven’t spoken to you in ages. Hope you’re doing well. Looking forward to your new series. xo.”

~ Melanie

“Wow Cheryl, where do you get those HOT male models on your covers……..I usually purchase my books because of the covers. Your books are awesome!!!”

~ Lois

“The new FOREVER novels sound exciting!  Love the cover model on your new web page!”

~ Barbara

“The new FOREVER series sounds amazing!  I’m crazy to read it, but it takes so long for your books to be released in Portuguese.  There is such a delay!  I hope I’ll be able to read the books in Portuguese very soon.”.

~ Dandara

“Congratulations on novel #45.  I still have some of your original ones saved in my library.  I look forward to the new FOREVER series!”

~ Elaine

“You are an awesome writer.  I can’t wait for your books to go audible.  Thanks, for the romance.”

~ Judy

“Love your stories!  A Texas fan…”

~ Theresa

“I will stay with you as one of my favourite Authors.  I’m looking forward to reading your new books.  I buy your books through Kobo ebooks, and I have read 12 of them.  I have another 15 that I have bought through Kobo. I ask my girls and husband to get me Kobo gift cards for birthdays and Christmas. Then i can go straight to Kobo and buy more of your books. I wish you all the best for 2017.”


“I just read your book “Promise of Pleasure” and OMG, I really enjoy it.  I’m about to start reading the next one “Taste of Temptation”. I also have 13 more to read after that.  I’m hoping that all your books are as good as the first one.  I was on the edge of seat reading and hoping for the good end, because I didn’t like Felicity or Victoria and I am glad that you had Cassandra and Mr. Adair get together.”


“I love your books!”

~ Angela

“I haven’t read all of your books, but I have read many of them.  I have to tell you that I love the female leads in those books.  Those women are strong-willed, strong in spirit, and because of the constrictions of the time period, they were quietly strong.  Out of all of them, I would have to say my favorite is Evangeline (from WONDERFUL).

The male leads are all fun to read as well.  I think they all need a good slap up alongside the head at times.  But in the end, they always do the right thing.  My favorite male lead you have written is Michael Scott/Michael Blair (from HEART’S DELIGHT.)”

~ Susan

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