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“Your new website looks fantastic! I haven’t spoken to you in ages. Hope you’re doing well. Looking forward to your new series. xo.”

~ Melanie

“Wow Cheryl, where do you get those HOT male models on your covers……..I usually purchase my books because of the covers. Your books are awesome!!!”

~ Lois

“The new FOREVER novels sound exciting!  Love the cover model on your new web page!”

~ Barbara

“The new FOREVER series sounds amazing!  I’m crazy to read it, but it takes so long for your books to be released in Portuguese.  There is such a delay!  I hope I’ll be able to read the books in Portuguese very soon.”.

~ Dandara

“Congratulations on novel #45.  I still have some of your original ones saved in my library.  I look forward to the new FOREVER series!”

~ Elaine

“You are an awesome writer.  I can’t wait for your books to go audible.  Thanks, for the romance.”

~ Judy

“Love your stories!  A Texas fan…”

~ Theresa

“I will stay with you as one of my favourite Authors.  I’m looking forward to reading your new books.  I buy your books through Kobo ebooks, and I have read 12 of them.  I have another 15 that I have bought through Kobo. I ask my girls and husband to get me Kobo gift cards for birthdays and Christmas. Then i can go straight to Kobo and buy more of your books. I wish you all the best for 2017.”


“I just read your book “Promise of Pleasure” and OMG, I really enjoy it.  I’m about to start reading the next one “Taste of Temptation”. I also have 13 more to read after that.  I’m hoping that all your books are as good as the first one.  I was on the edge of seat reading and hoping for the good end, because I didn’t like Felicity or Victoria and I am glad that you had Cassandra and Mr. Adair get together.”


“I love your books!”

~ Angela

“I haven’t read all of your books, but I have read many of them.  I have to tell you that I love the female leads in those books.  Those women are strong-willed, strong in spirit, and because of the constrictions of the time period, they were quietly strong.  Out of all of them, I would have to say my favorite is Evangeline (from WONDERFUL).

The male leads are all fun to read as well.  I think they all need a good slap up alongside the head at times.  But in the end, they always do the right thing.  My favorite male lead you have written is Michael Scott/Michael Blair (from HEART’S DELIGHT.)”

~ Susan