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Cheryl Holt '77 of Seaside, Oregon, began writing commercial womens' fiction when she left her professional field to remain at home with her kids. It took more than five years to make her first sale, and she wrote everything from cookbooks to suspense before she finally turned her hand to romance. She has the incredible distinction of selling four novels in one year to Kensington Publishing in New York. The books, one contemporary and three historical romances, will be published by Kensington's Zebra books.

THE WAY OF THE HEART, published in December 1999, is a story about Jane Fitzsimmons' true passion to run her father's ship building empire. And yet, to claim this dream, she must first marry. Five suitable candidates are vying for her large dowry, but only one challenges her wits and stirs her blood. Holt's other three books will be published in 2000.

Holt graduated from SDSU in 1977 in music and French. She also graduated from the College of Law at the University of Wyoming in Laramie in 1986.