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Cheryl (Solon) Holt, Class of 1986

Cheryl is enjoying much success in the publishing industry as an author of historical and contemporary romances. After five years of struggle and rejection, she has succeeded in a colossal way. Last year, the Executive Editor at Zebra Books in New York bought Cheryl's unsolicited manuscript and then went on to purchase three more. This makes a grand total of four books sold in one year — an unheard of feat for a new writer.

All four of her books will come out in the year 2000. The first tow are on the market already, the next will be released in April, and the fourth will be available in November.

Zebra is a division of the major New York publishing house of Kensington Publishing, and Zebra is the second largest publisher of romances in the world. The books are The way of the Heart, Be My Valentine (a three-book anthology with Constance Hall, Cheryl Holt, and Jackie Stephens), My Only Love, and Mountain Dreams. The fourth novel, Mountain Dreams, will be of particular interest to Wyoming readers because it is set in Jackson.

Cheryl hopes to use her success in the romance genre to eventually work her way into the suspense field so she can put her legal education to better use. However, "suspense" is where the big money so it's hard to sell a cop story to a New York publishing house.

Cheryl also hopes all the law school alumni will help her jump start her career by buying copies of her books for all the women in their lives.