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18 May 2016

Only You

My next novel, ONLY YOU, is coming in a few weeks. Be sure to check back on June 1st when pre-orders will start to be available. There will also be a fun new book trailer for everyone to watch. Also, I’m going to be running a Rafflecopter contest to give away 10 autographed print copies of the novel. I haven’t run a contest in ages, so I hope all of you will enter.

When I sat down to configure the plot for ONLY YOU, I decided that it was actually two plots and the story needed to be told in two books, so it’s a two-book “duet” with ONLY YOU coming in July and the companion novel, ONLY MINE, coming in October.

In the first book, ONLY YOU, the prologue first appeared as a Christmas short story at the terrific blog site, Ramblings from this Chick. In December, the site runs a holiday event where authors are given a Christmas theme and asked to write a story using that theme. Mine was, “Caught in a Compromising Position on Christmas Eve.”

My heroine, Lady Theodosia Postlewaite, unwittingly found herself caught in a dark parlor with England’s most notorious roue—on the night her engagement was to be announced. As you might imagine, her engagement fell apart and she was completely ruined.

After the story appeared, I heard from many readers who wondere—with Lady Theo’s life in tatter—what would become of her? I thought she was a wonderful and sympathetic character, so I decided to tell her story in ONLY YOU.

Also, in the prologue, there is a cameo appearance by one of the most interesting and intriguing characters I’ve ever created: Charles Sinclair, Lord Trent. For those of you who loved my “Lord Trent” trilogy, I thought it would be fun for readers to see him again.

I’m excited for all of you to read, ONLY YOU. I hope you’ll join in the excitement in June as we make our way to the release date on July 1st. Be sure to check back on June 1st so you can enter to win a copy and see the new book trailer!

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