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15 January 2017


Cheryl announces her new FOREVER series, coming in Summer, 2017.  The titles are FOREVER, FOREVER YOURS, FOREVER MINE, and FOREVER AFTER.  This is a new story and family and not connected to any of her previous novels,  The three Henley sisters–Abigail, Catherine, and Sarah–are the daughters of the Earl of Middlebury.  But when their parents were killed in an accident, distant relatives inherited their home, and the sisters were forced out into the world to support themselves by working for a living.  Abigail is a governess.  Catherine is a lady’s companion.  And Sarah is a companion to the elderly.  They work hard and scrape to get by, but they always dream of the life they used to have and wonder how they can ever get back to their rightful spot.

The novels will be released together in summer, 2017, so readers won’t have to wait for subsequent installments but will be able to read the entire series back to back.

Cheryl has also had her web page designed with a new and modern looks, and she invites all her fans to take a peek at her new “look”.

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