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1 June 2017

Forever Yours

Cheryl’s new FOREVER series is coming in July.  The first three novels—FOREVER YOURS, FOREVER MINE, and FOREVER AFTER—will be released on the same day:  July 15.  The fourth and final novel, simply titled FOREVER, will be released later in the fall.

In the first three novels, she’ tells the story of the Henley sisters, Abigail, Catherine, and Sarah.  Their father was Earl of Middlebury, but after he died in an accident, distant relatives inherited, and the three sisters’ lives fell apart.  They’ve tumbled down society’s ladder and are working to earn a living.  Abigail is a governess, and Catherine and Sarah are lady’s companions.  They all wish they could fix their lives and regain some of what they’ve lost.

With the three books released on the same day, readers can enjoy the stories back to back, with no waiting for the next installment.  Pre-orders aren’t up yet, but they will be coming soon!  Cheryl’s FOREVER series, coming July 15!

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