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1 November 2017


Cheryl’s new novel, simply titled FOREVER, is now available for pre-order.  It’s the fourth and final book of her Forever series.  Find out what happens to all the Henley siblings:  Hayden, Abigail, Catherine, and Sarah.  See how all the storylines wrap up.  What about the twins, Mary and Millie?  How about Robert Stone and his return to England after three decades of sailing the globe?  Will he and Mildred Farnsworth find true love in the end?  Did Sarah survive her elopement?  Will she be forgiven by her sisters for her rash act?  How will Alex Wallace deal with Hayden Henley’s return to England.  How will Hayden deal with Alex’s marriage to his sister, Abigail?  And be sure to meet Cheryl’s newest heroine, Helen Barnes!  So many intriguing questions!  So many fun answers.  FOREVER–available now for pre-order, and available everywhere on November 15!

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