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28 November 2017

Once again this holiday season, I’m participating in the great Christmas event at the terrific blog site, Ramblings from this Chick. Every year, they invite many of your favorite authors to pen a Christmas short story–either by creating new characters or by using characters from prior novels. This year, I used two characters from my Forever series: Millie Henley Wallace and Will Stone from Book 4, FOREVER. In the novel they’re still children aged 10 and 16, but for my story, I aged them a few years so they’re 16 and 22, and Will is a soldier who’s been away in the army. When he returns home for Christmas, Millie is all grown up,

My story appears on December 3rd, and the title is “First Kiss on Christmas Eve.” But be sure to log on to the blog site all month. They’re giving away Amazon gift cards, books, and many other prizes. It will be a month of Christmas reading fun! For my “prize” giveaway, I’m offering a print version of the 4 novels of the Forever series. It’s a great prize, so be sure to log on and enter! Don’t miss my short story or the chance to win some of the prizes!

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