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14 February 2019



Cheryl announces her new trilogy for summer, 2019.  The heroes are all African explorers.  Who wouldn’t want to get lost in the jungle with one of these yummy men!

On their last trip, they suffered a tragedy, and they’re back in England, at loose ends and trying to recover from their disaster.  When they meet the three new heroines they simply can’t resist. For those readers who enjoy her linked family dramas, she’s included a storyline where the hero in Book 1, Nathan Blake, Lord Selby, was separated from his half-sisters when he was a boy.  He grows up, not remembering he had two sisters.  In the novel, he resolves to find them and bring them home.

The heroes and heroines are Nathan and Nell (Book 1), Sebastian and Sarah (Book 2), and Raven and Rebecca (Book 3.)  Mark your calendars, and let’s start counting down the days to Cheryl’s new ALWAYS trilogy!

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