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02 April 2019

Complete Abandon

I’m excited to announce that the e-version of my iconic novel, COMPLETE ABANDON, is on sale at Amazon as a “Monthly Deal” for the entire month of April! The reduced price is $2.99.

For those of you who are newer readers (as well as my long-time fans who might not remember), COMPLETE ABANDON is my most critically-acclaimed novel, and it’s the one for which I received the most national award nominations and wins. A majority of my readers would also probably pick it as their favorite book of mine out of all the ones I’ve written. It’s a really, really fun book!

I wrote some of my most popular novels for the publisher, St. Martins Press. Over the last decade, as people began to use e-readers, the books were all available in e-format, but they were really expensive. I’ve heard from so many fans who told me they’d like to have a copy of the novels in their e-libraries, but the cost was prohibitive. So I’m really excited to tell everyone about this sale.

If I can generate sufficient sales of COMPLETE ABANDON at the reduced price, we’ll be able to get some of my other St. Martins novels listed at a reduced price too.  (Maybe LOVE LESSONS!)  So I will be very brazen and ask all of you to think about buying a copy of COMPLETE ABANDON this month.  I think you’ll really enjoy it, and it’s the kind of book you’ll want to read more than once, so it’s a good one to have in your e-library.

Thank you to St. Martins for doing this for me.  And thank you to Amazon for picking it as a “Monthly Deal” for April.  And thank you to all of you who buy a copy.  I’m always grateful for your kind attention!

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