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13 May 2019

My most iconic novel is titled LOVE LESSONS.  The sequel is TOTAL SURRENDER. They were published years ago, and they’ve been available as e-books, but the price was really high. My old publisher, St. Martins Press, will release an e-book version of the two novels in September. They will be packaged under one great cover with the new title of PURE PASSION. These will be the original versions of the two novels, but just with a new name. At a reduced price! Yay!

The past few years, as readers switched to using e-readers, I’ve often heard that people wanted to download the two novels into their e-libraries, but the price was prohibitively high. So the folks at St. Martins graciously agreed to run this special. If you’ve wanted to download LOVE LESSONS at a better price, this will be a great opportunity. And for those of you who are newer fans, I hope you’ll consider downloading PURE PASSION. I think if I polled my readers, they would pick LOVE LESSONS as their favorite book of mine out of all the ones I’ve written.

PURE PASSION—coming in September! It’s LOVE LESSONS and TOTAL SURRENDER in one great book!

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