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08 Jan 2020

My Scoundrel
Coming March 10, 2020!

In 2012, as the publishing world was collapsing, Cheryl lost her spot with the New York publishers. As she was trying to decide how to keep writing and publishing, she wrote one novel for a new e-book publishing company called Samhain Publishing. The book was originally titled, NICHOLAS. In 2012 though, very few people were reading with e-readers, so very few people saw the book or read the book. Then, several years ago, Samhain went out of business, so it’s been out of print and unavailable.

Cheryl has always viewed it as her “lost” book.

She’s excited to announce that she’s republishing it with a new cover and a new title of, MY SCOUNDREL. It’s the same novel, but with a few minor changes to make it even more fun. It will be available as a print book and an e-book, and she’d delighted to offer it out to a wider audience. She invites you to join in the fun and fall in love with Nicholas Price, Lord Stafford, one of her best heroes ever!

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