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11 August 2020

Lost Girls Premise

Cheryl’s new “Lost Girls” trilogy is available today! The three books are being released together, both as print books and e-books.

For several summers now, Cheryl has been writing linked trilogies, where there is a single premise that links all three stories together. This year, it’s her “lost” girls. When her three heroines were five years old, they were traveling with their parents to Jamaica. Their ship sank in a violent storm, and against all odds, the three girls were the only survivors. They were found on a deserted island by British navy sailors, then returned to England where they were handed over to distant relatives.

As the stories start, the twentieth anniversary of the shipwreck is approaching, and the poignant date sets the heroines off on new adventures where they meet the men of their dreams.

Cheryl’s “Lost Girls” trilogy. Available today!

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