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18 January 2023

Absolutely Perfect Absolutely Wonderful Absolutely Mind

Cheryl will release three novels in 2023. It’s her new RUINED! series. The three heroines have all been ruined by scoundrels, and with their reputations in tatters, they’re trying to regroup and reestablish themselves in society. Of course they manage to find true love along the way!

The first novel, ABSOLUTELY PERFECT, will be released on March 15th. The second book will be coming this summer, and the third one this autumn. The novels are filled with all the things you love in a great romance:  grand passion, star-crossed lovers, villains, heroes, betrayal, love forevermore, and the very happiest of endings.

During these troubled times, what could be more fun than to curl up with a yummy love story from Cheryl Holt!  Book #1 coming March 15th!

Happily Ever After Love Ever After Merrily Ever After

Did you miss Cheryl’s trilogy from 2022? Her three Baywick novels are available now!

Get Your Copy Today!

Flower Flourish

Happily Ever After

Love Ever After

Merrily Ever After

Flower Flourish

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